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Which News Aggregator Is Right for You?

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There are many news sources out there. We've covered the most popular ones, Feedly, News360, Flipboard, Techmeme, and more. Which one is right to you? Below is a list of pros and cons. Here are some pros and cons. Which one will you choose? What are the main concerns regarding news aggregators in your opinion? What do your views be about their future prospects?


Feedly is a news aggregation that allows you to read and save articles in different categories. Articles can be saved to a board, marked as read, or bookmark them. You can also save items to other platforms such as Twitter or WordPress. Feedly is available in three editions: free, premium, or enterprise. The free edition lets you subscribe to up 100 sources. Feedly is also available on desktop devices such as iPads, iPhones and Macs.

You can create as few feeds as desired, or as many boards as you'd like. Feedly allows users to save articles, highlight sections and share them with their social networks. It allows you to interact with others by sharing articles and commenting on them. Its search feature is also easy to use. With a UI like this, Feedly is ideal for news junkies.

After you create your Feedly account you can browse your favorite publications and subscribe to them. You can also search for specific topics like video games to learn more. If you want to read your favourite articles later, you can bookmark them and use Feedly on your other devices. Feedly integrates seamlessly with a number of popular apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Pocket, and others. You can also access your subscriptions from any device, as it syncs them across all devices.

Feedly is a news service that allows you to organize your news feeds and put them in different categories. Feedly lets you fetch feeds from various sources, including news, blogs RSS feeds, Twitter tweets, and RSS feeds. Feedly is home to almost every kind of content you can find on the web. Feedly will never let you down!


Flipboard is a news-aggregator that allows users to organize news into magazines. Flipboard is different from other news sites in that users can customize content to fit their personal interests and personalities. You can subscribe to certain publications and create a list of favorites. You can also follow your favorite brands and blogs. The content in their feed can be engaged with by clicking "Likes" or "dislikes," so that Flipboard will know what to show you and what to leave out.

Flipboard employs a human curation team to vet news sources before publishing articles. This prevents censorship. The company employs over 20 people, and it prioritizes human curation of content. To help users choose the stories they like, an app feature allows them to switch between right and left-leaning perspectives. Although it sounds great, it's still not enough.

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Flipboard is an award-winning news application that combines the best aspects of both the news and entertainment worlds. The app is intuitive and easy-to-use. Intelligent editors help to organize the content into a manageable stream. The app allows users to follow favorite topics and publications, as well as comment directly on articles. Engaging with news makes it even more fun. Flipboard is a fantastic news aggregator.

Flipboard is not only a great news source, but it's also an excellent way to stay updated on any topic you are interested in. You can select the topics that interest you in the "For You” section. This allows you to choose the kinds of news that interest you and avoid reading news that bores you. Flipboard wants to make reading more personal and stop doomscrolling.


Techmeme, a news aggregator website, focuses on insider blogs. The top 30 publishers on Techmeme tend to post a lot of high-volume work about product announcements and updates. Techmeme's design is similar to TechCrunch's, but Techmeme has a distinct personality. TechCrunch is more well-known for its techy coverage. TechCrunch and Techmeme share a common history. Techmeme's founder Mike Arrington first rented a space from TechCrunch when the sites were founded. The two sites seemed to be a natural fit. Techmeme's Alexia Tsotsis joined the site as co-editor in 2012.

Rivera was working as an Intel employee when he created Memeorandum. The automated news aggregator indexes links to mainstream media and obscure technology blogs. Rivera left his Intel job later to concentrate on the tech industry. He also founded Techmeme and WeSmirch for celebrity news and ballpark news. Techmeme expanded to other niches with its listings for news from mainstream media and blogs. Rivera, who replaced the computer algorithm in 2008 with human aggregators, expanded Techmeme to smaller parts of the internet.

Techmeme can be found in Silicon Valley. Human editors review articles in order to remove duplicate content or spam. Megan McCarthy who is a veteran journalist, serves as the editor. Techmeme's greatest feature is its speed. It takes only minutes to find the latest news stories. This makes it great for cocktail parties or business meetings.


News360 is a news feed that offers more detail than Flipboard. To view the most recent articles, and news stories, you can horizontally swipe between pages in this news aggregator. Although it doesn't feel well-thought out like Flipboard, it makes it easy to navigate through articles. News360 has a timeline view, which allows you to see how a story evolves over time.

Use the News360 Home feed to see stories about local events or a topic. You can also search with a keyword. The app syncs across different devices and makes it simple to share interesting stories among your friends. News360 also integrates with social networks to allow you to share stories with your friends. You can upgrade to News360 Premium to remove ads and get a lot more customization.

This news aggregator has one of the best features: it learns about your preferences and presents stories based on those preferences. The news feed is personalized for each user. It can show you news stories based upon what interests you and what is trending. It can also analyze your interests to find stories that match with what you like and who you have read previously. News360 can also be connected to social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, Google Reader, Evernote, or Google Reader.

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Another fantastic feature of this news aggregator, is the ability for you to save articles directly to your devices. It supports Evernote, Instapaper & Pocket. News360 offers a web application that allows you create social accounts. News360 allows you to personalize your news reader with sponsored stories. These ads do not interfere with your privacy and are tailored to your needs.

Apple News+

If you want to avoid the invasive ads in news aggregators, you can use Apple's new News+. This app has an integrated sharing tool that allows you and your friends to share broken stories, as well as report spam. The following tab also lets you block channels or articles that you find offensive or controversial. The app prevents fake news by not showing you the same story, view or view throughout. All content is presented quickly in a condensed format. You can choose specific publishers and topics to control your feed. Users can also select whether they want to see story previews.

Apple News+ offers access to more that 300 publications. These include newspapers and magazines, like the Wall Street Journal (and the Los Angeles Times). You can also subscribe to the Wall Street Journal and three popular New York magazine brands, including The New Yorker and Extra Crunch. Apple News+ offers non-magazine publications such as Vox, Bon Appetit and theSkimm.

Another news aggregator that has been getting good reviews is the WSJ, which is reluctant to announce the acquisition. Apple has already purchased Texture Media, which is a media business. It then rebuilt iTunes from the Soundjam app and built its stores on top. Apple News+ was the end result. It is an unusual news aggregator. It is only getting better with the passing of time.

Apple has also integrated audiobooks into its News app. This feature makes it more appealing to subscribers. Apple News+ allows you to access premium publications and also lets you listen to selected stories in audiobook format. These audios are particularly useful for commutes where you don’t want to spend time reading the entire article. Furthermore, it allows you to share the subscription with up to six family members.

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Which News Aggregator Is Right for You?