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Which news aggregator is best for you?

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There are many news-aggregators. We've covered the top news aggregators, such as Feedly, Flipboard and Techmeme. Which one is right for you? Let's take a closer look. Here's a list of pros and cons. Which one would you choose? What are your concerns with news aggregators What do your views be about their future prospects?


Feedly is a news site that allows you read and save articles from various categories. You can bookmark articles and mark them as read. You can also save them to a Pinterest board for later. You can also share the items you've saved through other platforms, such as Twitter, WordPress, OneNote, or Instapaper. Feedly is available in three editions: free, premium, or enterprise. You can subscribe up to 100 sources in the free edition. Feedly also works on desktop devices like iPads, iPhones or Macs.

You can have as many feeds set up as you like. If you would like, you can also create multiple boards. Feedly enables you to save articles, highlight specific sections, and share with your social networks. It allows you to interact with others by sharing articles and commenting on them. Its search feature is also easy to use. Feedly has a UI that's simple and appealing for news enthusiasts.

Once you have created your Feedly Account, you can browse the publications you like and subscribe. To read more about specific topics such as video games you can search Feedly. To save your favourite articles for later reading, bookmark them and you can use Feedly on any other device. Feedly is integrated with a variety of popular applications, including Facebook, Twitter, and Pocket. Feedly syncs all your subscriptions across devices so that you can access them at any time.

Feedly allows users to organize their news feed and place them in different categories. Feedly lets you fetch feeds from various sources, including news, blogs RSS feeds, Twitter tweets, and RSS feeds. Feedly actually has almost every source of content available on the internet. You'll never miss a piece of information with Feedly!


Flipboard is a news-aggregator that allows users to organize news into magazines. Flipboard offers users the ability to create content that suits their interests and personality, rather than traditional news sites. Flipboard allows users to subscribe to specific publications, create a favorite list, and follow their favorite brands and blogs. Flipboard can engage with the content by clicking "Likes", "dislikes" and "Likes," so it will know what to show and what to remove.

To avoid censorship, Flipboard has a human curation team that vets news sources before publishing articles. The company has over 20 employees and prioritizes human curation. The app recently offered the ability to switch between left-leaning and right-leaning perspectives so users can better select which stories they want to read. It sounds great, but it's not enough.

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Flipboard is an award-winning news platform that combines both the best and worst of both worlds. The app is very user-friendly and smart editors make it easy to manage the stream of content. The app also allows users follow their favorite publications or topics, and allow them to comment directly from the app. The result is a more engaging news reading experience. Flipboard is a fantastic news aggregator.

Flipboard is not only a great news source, but it's also an excellent way to stay updated on any topic you are interested in. You can choose which topics you would like to see in the "For You" section. This allows you the freedom to pick and choose what news interests you. It also lets you avoid reading boring news. Flipboard wants to make reading more personalized and prevent doomscrolling, which is a way of scrolling past bad news in the news.


Techmeme, a news aggregator website, focuses on insider blogs. Techmeme's top-30 publishers often post large volumes of product announcements or updates. Techmeme, though similar in design, is distinct from TechCrunch which is better known for its tech-focused bloggy coverage. The two sites share a history - Techmeme's founder Mike Arrington originally rented a room from TechCrunch shortly after the two sites began. They were an obvious match, so much so that Techmeme's writer Alexia Tsotsis was appointed the site's editor in 2012.

Rivera began Memeorandum in 2004 while working at Intel. It was an automated news aggregator that indexes links from mainstream media as well as obscure technology blogs. Rivera left his Intel job later to concentrate on the tech industry. He also founded Techmeme and WeSmirch for celebrity news and ballpark news. Techmeme's listings of news from blogs and mainstream media helped it expand into new niches. Rivera made the 2008 change to replace the computer algorithm by human aggregators. This allowed Techmememe to expand into smaller areas of the internet.

Techmeme can be found in Silicon Valley. The news aggregator employs human editors who review articles for duplicate content and spam. Megan McCarthy (a veteran tech reporter) is also a human editor. Techmeme's uniqueness is its ability to quickly find breaking news stories. That makes it ideal for business meetings or cocktail parties.


If you're looking for a news aggregator that's more immersive than Flipboard, try News360. To view the most recent articles, and news stories, you can horizontally swipe between pages in this news aggregator. This aggregator is not as well thought out as Flipboard. However, it makes it much easier to navigate through articles. News360 has a timeline view that allows you to see the evolution of a story over time.

Use the News360 Home feed to see stories about local events or a topic. You can also search with a keyword. The app syncs across devices. This makes it easy for you to share interesting stories and information with your friends. News360 can also be integrated with social networks so that you can share your stories with friends. You can upgrade to News360 Premium to remove ads and get a lot more customization.

The best thing about this news aggregator? It learns your preferences so it surfaces stories that are relevant to you. Each user can customize their news feed. It can surface news stories based on what you like and what's trending. It also analyzes your interests and tries to match them to relevant stories and people you've read in the past. In addition, News360 can connect with social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, or Evernote.

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Another fantastic feature of this news aggregator, is the ability for you to save articles directly to your devices. You can save articles to your devices with the support of Evernote and Instapaper. News360 also has a web application that lets you set up social accounts. News360 gives you free access to the news and lets you customize it by purchasing sponsored stories. These ads aren't intrusive and can be tailored to your interests.

Apple News+

If you want to avoid the invasive ads in news aggregators, you can use Apple's new News+. This app includes an integrated sharing sheet that allows you to report broken stories and report spam. You can also block any channels or articles you find offensive or controversial by clicking the following tab. You can also avoid fake news by not showing the exact same story or view across the app. Condensed content speeds up page loading time. The feed can be controlled by you selecting specific publishers or topics. You can also choose to see story previews.

Apple News+ grants you access to more 300 publications. These include newspapers as well magazines like the Wall Street Journal. The Wall Street Journal and three other popular New York magazines brands, The New Yorker (and Extra Crunch), can also be subscribed. Apple News+ also includes a selection of non-magazine publications like theSkimm and Vox as well as Bon Appetite and Extra Crunch.

Another news aggregator that has been getting good reviews is the WSJ, which is reluctant to announce the acquisition. Apple already purchased Texture, a media firm. It created iTunes again from Soundjam and built its stores upon it. Apple News+ was the end result. It is an unusual news aggregator. It is only getting better with the passing of time.

Apple has added an audiobook feature to its News app. This makes the app more appealing for subscribers. Apple News+ provides access to premium publications. You can also listen to some stories in audiobook format. These audios come in handy for commutes and when you don’t have time or the desire to read all articles. Furthermore, it allows you to share the subscription with up to six family members.

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Which news aggregator is best for you?